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First Reading 1 Sm 18.6 to 9; 19.1 to 7:
My father Saul seeks to kill you
Psalm: 55
In God I trust and am not afraid
Gospel: MK 3,7-12:
You are the Son of God

First Reading 1 Sm 17,32-33.37.40-51:
David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone
Psalm: 143
Blessed be the Lord, my Rock
Gospel: Mk 3,1-6:
What is allowed on the Sabbath?

First Reading 1 Sm 16.1 to 13:
It Samuel anointed David and then invaded the Lord's Spirit
Psalm: 88
I found David my servant
Gospel: Mk 2.23 to 28:
The person is above the Sabbath

First Reading:  1Sm 15.16 to 23:
Obey is better than sacrifice
Psalm: 49
The following track, I will show the salvation of God
Gospel: Mk 2:18-22  - 
The bridegroom is with them; How are they going to fast?

First Reading:  Is 62.1 to 5:
The joy is the husband and wife
Psalm: 95 
Count the wonders of the Lord to all nations
Second Reading:  1 Cor 12.4 to 11:
One and the same Spirit distributes to each as he thinks
Gospel: Lk 2: 41-52 - 
Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?

First Reading: 1Sm 9,1-4.17-19; 10,1: 
Ese es de quien habló el Señor; Saúl regirá a su pueblo
Psalm: 20
Señor, el rey se alegra por tu fuerza
Gospel: Mk 2:13-17  - 
He venido a llamar a los pecadores

First Reading: 1Sm 8,4-7.10-22a:
They cry out against the king, but God will not answer them
Psalm: 88
I will sing your mercies, Lord
Gospel: Mk 2:1-12  - 
The Son of Man can forgive sins