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First Reading: Sat 2,1a.12-22:
What ignominious death convict
Psalm:  33
The Lord is near to the beleaguered
Gospel: Jn 7,1-2.10.25-30:
They tried to grab him, but still had not arrived on time

First Reading: Exod 32.7 to 14:
Repent of the threat against your people
Psalm:  105
Remember me, Lord, for your people
Gospel: Jn 5.31 to 47:
There is one who accuses Moses, in whom you put your hope

First Reading: Is 49.8 to 15:
I have a covenant to the people, to restore the country
Psalm:  144
The Lord is gracious and merciful
Gospel: Jn 5.17 to 30:
As the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life

First Reading: Ez 47,1-9.12:
I saw water flowing from the right side of the temple, and life
Psalm:  45
The Lord of hosts is with us
Gospel: Jn 5,1-3.5-16:
Immediately the man was healed

First Reading: Is 65.17 to 21:
And no moans or cries are heard
Psalm:  29
I will extol you, Lord, for you have made me
Gospel: Jn 4.43 to 54:
Go, your son is healthy

First Reading: Jos 5,9a.10-12:
I want mercy, and not sacrificiosEl people of God celebrates Easter
Psalm:  33
Taste and see how good the Lord
Second Reading:  2 Cor 5.17 to 21:
God, through Christ, reconciled us
Gospel: Lk 15,1-3.11-32:
"Your brother was dead and is alive again"

First Reading: Os 6,1-6:
I want mercy, and not sacrifice
Psalm:  50
I want mercy, and not sacrifice
Gospel: Lk 18,9 to14:
The publican went down to his home justified, not the Pharisee