Consulta diaria

First Reading: Ez 18.21 to 28:
God desires that the wicked turn
Psalm:  129
If you take account of the offenses, Lord, who could stand?
Gospel: Mt 5.20 to 26:
Go first and be reconciled with your brother

First Reading: Est 14,1.3-5.12-14:
I have no other help but you, Lord
Psalm:  137
When I called, you heard me, Lord
Gospel: Mt from 7.7 to 12:
Who asks receives

First Reading: Is 55.10 to 11:
My word my will
Psalm:  33
The pound Lord of their troubles the righteous
Gospel: Mt from 6.7 to 15:
You pray and

First Reading: Lv 19,1-2.11-18:
Judge righteously to your fellow citizen
Psalm:  18
Your words, Lord, are spirit and life
Gospel: Mt 25,31-46:
Each time they did it with one of these with me did

First Reading: Dt 26.4 to 10:
The Lord hear our voice, looked our oppression
Psalm:  90
Stay with me, Lord, in my distress
Second Reading: Rom 10.8 to 13:
The word is near you-it is in your mouth and heart
Gospel: Lk 4.1 to 13:
not only of bread the man lives

First Reading: Is 58,9b-14:
When you share your bread with the hungry, your light in the darkness
Psalm:  85
Teach me, Lord, your way, to keep your truth
Gospel: Lk 5.27 to 32:
I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners

First Reading: Is 58,1-9a:
Fasting the Lord wants
Psalm:  50
A broken and contrite heart you, God, do not despise
Gospel: Mt 9,14-15:
When the bridegroom is taken, then they will fast